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Cross Constantine MDF Shape DIY Raw Cut Out Art Religious Craft Decor

Cross Constantine MDF Shape DIY Raw Cut Out Art Religious Craft Decor

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This cut is made in Australia by an Aussie! You are purchasing a brand new raw MDF shape with naturally occurring burnt edges. Perfect for using as is, use Blackboard Paint or any other desired colour, material to suit your home decorating. The perfect edition to any theme in your home or business.

About this Cross:
Information sourced from St. Elisabeth Convent -
14 Types of Ancient Christian Crosses
Cross "The Monogram of Constantine" - In the book “The life of Saint Constantine”, Eusebius Pamphili, a famous Church historian, described a dream, which Saint King Constantine had once seen: he saw the sign in the sky. Then Christ appeared to him and ordered to make the same sign and use it to protect his people from enemies. Constantine obeyed and made up a standard. Eusebius Pamphili gave its description: “…a golden spear was joined with a yard so that they make up a cross. There was also the sign of salvation – two letters showed the name of Christ, and the letter “P” was written in the center”. Later the king wore that monogram on his helmet.
Approximate Size is: 29cm x 15.2cm
The MDF is 3mm thick
Please note: No hanging attachments are sold with the cut out we suggest attaching magnets, double sided tape or see your local hardware store for many hanging attachment options. 


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