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Allen Designs

Clock Mechanism Pendulum For Allen Designs

Clock Mechanism Pendulum For Allen Designs

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 love your Allen Designs clock but the time has come to replace the mechanism? We have the replacement parts to get your beautiful unique clock up and going again!

To remove the old mechanism, pull the second hand off, then the minute and your hands. Loosen the bolt on the front of the clock using a 11mm wrench or needle-nose pliers. Pull off and discard the old mechanism. Insert the new mechanism. Put washer and bolt on front, tighten bolt (not too tight) and push hour and minute hands down the shaft. Push second hand back into the center. For a visual demonstration we provide a video link to watch with each part sold. 

PRICE IS FOR MECHANICAL PART ONLY AS PER FIRST PHOTO - other photos display are just some of the clocks available from The Renmy Store Homewares and Gifts. 

NO RETURNS OR REFUNDS - these are being sold to include only postage costs, processing and packaging costs to help our wonderful customers out!  We do not make any money from these being sold. 


About Allen Designs

Allen Designs is a company that strives to bring smiles to peoples faces through creative, quality and functional products.

Artist Michelle Allen was searching for just the right career when she found her heart being filled while creating whimsical home products to sell at the local street fair in Encinitas, CA. One year later, Michelle, her husband and then one year old daughter, moved to the NW and began selling her wares at the famed year round “Portland Saturday Market”. Over the next several years, she attended juried art fairs throughout the United States and began selling directly to retail stores who saw her products there. In 2000, with the birth of their second daughter, Michelle and Gary began attending the wholesale show markets in LA, Chicago, Dallas, New York and Atlanta.

Decades later, Allen Designs continues to sell to stores all over the USA along with distribution in Europe and Australia reaching retailers around the globe.

Michelle Allen is the sole, creative talent behind Allen Designs. She has never found anything completely flawless in life and yet she finds beauty everywhere. She loves the imperfect, slightly eccentric, witty quality of the world she sees around her. It’s the unpredictability of even the most mundane things that she tries to recreate in her art. Often, if something seems too perfect, she will skew it towards the unrealistic to capture the essence of a whim. Although the pieces she designs are practical, her hope is that her art will never become so serious that she betrays the uniqueness that inspires her. Michelle has a small, incredible team helping her in the daily operations at Allen Designs.

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