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Cross MDF 4 Unique DIY Religious Craft Décor

Cross MDF 4 Unique DIY Religious Craft Décor

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This Cross Set of 4 Rustic Wooden Religious Décor is sure to inspire creativity. Ready to paint, seal or decorate exactly the way you want them! Use them in the garden (will need to use a sealant) to commemorate a loved one or attach to a wall. Display them on a tabletop for a conversation piece.

These raw cut outs are made in Australia by an Aussie!
They are a raw wooden MDF shape with naturally occurring burnt edges. great Art & Craft project for all ages. 

Unique set of 4 different crosses as in picture 

Approximate Sizes are 15cm Long x 9.5cm to 15cm Long to 10.5cm Wide

3mm thick 

NOTE: No Hanging attachments are sold with the cut outs - They can be attached to any surface using suitable glues, hanging attachments ect. we suggest visiting your local hardware store for different options to suit your needs. 




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