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Crystal Zebradorite Madagascar Heart 2

Crystal Zebradorite Madagascar Heart 2

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Crystal Zebradorite Madagascar 2 this beautiful crystal has been selected for it amazing beauty and properties. Zebradorite – (Orthoclase Feldspar) – Helps overcome tragedy. Brings great peace during times of physical and emotional trauma. Encourages co-operation in groups and individuals. Can help you to find different ways to achieve your goals. Enhances self will and emotional strength and courage.

The crystal in the photo is the exact one you will receive the size is approximately 5cm Tall x 6cm Wide

METHOD OF CLEANING: Return to the Earth, Rice, Salt, Smudging, Visualising light, Essences, Sound, Crystal Recharging

METHOD OF RECHARGING: Sunlight, Moonlight, Earth, Essences, Sound, Crystal Cluster


My crystal information has come directly from the amazing Judy Hall. Judy has a great range of trusted knowledge all about crystals and how to use them.

There are so many amazing books and resources available to help you grow your crystal knowledge. 

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